Sangeeta helped me in my tough time and gave me combination of Crystal Angels, locket to wear and did healing for me and Ms. Sangeeta Kapoor's remedies worked so good and instantly. I feel relaxed now my all problem got solved. It worked out so much.

Dhanish Shah
Mumbai, India

Experience with you is really great you are a problem solver. You always come with a positive outlook towards every situation. Your predictions really helped me in many times to go ahead in life, to choose something or to avoid something. Your predictions are so accurate that really surprises me Thanks for being there always!

Dr. Deepa Anand
Homoeopathic Physician
Delhi, India

Rating- Excellent!! *****
Had the opportunity of attending three different courses with Sangeeta. Wonderful teacher, great human being and a very hard working person. She really pampers her students. In her company, learning becomes fun. Thanks Sangeeta

Dr. Geeta Bakshi
Producer Director Doordarshan India’s National T.V Channel
New Delhi, India

he is a very gifted intuitive healer that helped me to receive the love and support I needed at that time, and to release unwanted energy that was holding me back. Her teaching style is clear and she takes care of the student explaining through practical exercises. I am grateful I did the Reiki level One with her.

Maria Jerez
Working at Cabrini Hospital Melbourne
Melbourne, Australia

I have found Peace and Personal Healing through Reiki. It is a Beautiful and natural way to connect to your Inner Core. Ms Sangeeta Kapoor introduced me to Reiki and I really value the experience and her mentorship.

Posted in Delhi
New Delhi, India

Thanks a lot Sangeeta, after I got my reading done by you, the change I felt was my anxiety has come down a lot. Although I am not a firm believer of all these things. But for sure this tarot card reading has helped me alot. I recommend Sangeeta strongly to anyone who might have questions which they need answered

Kulvinder Singh
Toronto, Canada