we are conducting the following courses, on a regular basis, at our Center which was established in 2001 by Ms Sangeeta Kapoor, The Main Motive of this institute is to help & provide as much as knowledge of different courses on each level so one should get best benefits of practicing this.

1. Reiki:-
Heal self and others, and solve all problems of your life-be that monetary problem, relationship problem, health problem (depression, tension, insomnia etc.), ill planetary and black magic effect problem etc. Also achieve telepathy and clairvoyance through Reiki.

i) Reiki I or Self Healing (Special Course):-
This course is designed special for those who believe in complete & deep knowledge. So this is a combination of many courses like:-
 1.Reiki Level I (Modern & Traditional)
  2.Pranic Healing Basic Techniques
  3.Water Healing Therapy
 4.White Light Healing
 5.Spiritual Healing

Course Contents– Introduction Of Modalities & Gurus, History Of Reiki, Laws Of Energy Exchange, Karma Theory, Knowledge Of Chakras & Deep Information Including Animal Chakras, Principles Of Healing Through Reiki, Scanning, Cleaning & Healing Of Aura, Chakras, Organs & Local Parts, How To Protect Aura Instantly, How To Increase & Decrease The Size Of Aura According To Need, How To Make Aura Dense, Chakra Balancing, How To Heal With Water Therapy, Practice Of Self Healing, White Light Healing, Meditation, Reiki I Attunement.
Course Duration:-2 Day.

ii) Reiki II or Healer Course:-
This course is designed special for those who believe in complete & deep knowledge. So this is a combination of many courses like:-
 1. Reiki II
  2. Pranic Healing Advance Techniques

Course Contents– Four Levels Of Universe And Their Energies, Three Japanese Mantras (Symbols Of Reiki) Of Three Energies Of Three Levels Of The Universe, Deep Knowledge Of Different Uses Of The Symbols, Knowledge Of How Symbols/ Mantras Actually Works, How To Scan Body & Chakras With Your Hands, Protection Of Self/ Others/ House & Home, How To Disconnect Yourself From Healee, Different Types Of Groundings & Its Necessity, Beaming, Distance Healing, Different Techniques Of Wishes Fulfillments , Empower Goals , Group Distance Healing, Practice Of Self Healing With Reiki Symbols, Healing Of Others-Presence & Distance, Future Healing, Past Life Healing, How To Store Energy For Future Uses, Positive Affirmations, Pranic Color Healing Techniques, Reiki II Attunement.
Course Duration:-2-3 Day.

iii) Reiki III A or Master Healer
i.e. Advanced Reiki Training :- Combination of below mentioned courses like:
 1. Advance Reiki Training Course of Mr. William Lee Rand, U.S.A
  2. Other Powerful Symbols
  3. Removal of Psychic Attack
  4. Crystal Healing Course
  5. Crystal Grid & Variations , Relationship Grid, Money Multiplier Grid
  6. 3 Types of Psychic Surgery
Course Contents - Knowledge Of Fourth Mantra (Master Symbol) Of The Fourth Energy Of The Fourth Level Of The Universe, Reiki Moving Meditation, Reiki Meditation With Manifestation Of Goals, And Distance Healing Through Thoughts, Crystal Grid and variations, Money Multipler Grid, Relationship Grid, Psychic Surgeries, How To Use Crystal (Cleaning, Programming & Healing), Crystal Healing Techniques, How To Use Other Symbols, Full Crystal Healing Course, Attunement Of Reiki IIIA Etc. much more.
Course Duration: -3 Day.

iv) Reiki III B
i.e. Reiki Master Teacher Course:- Course contents-Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki I, II and Reiki IIIA, Healing Attunement, Reiki Three Meditation for Chakra balancing and ascension, Procedure of Distance Attunement, Attunement of Reiki IIIB etc.
Course Duration:-1 Day.

v) Reiki Grandmaster:-
Course contents–Explanation of attunement processes of Reiki IIIB and Reiki Grandmaster, knowledge of Violet Flame, and Raku & Antahkarana symbols, The Correct Reiki Symbols, Reiki and the Mahayana & Vajrayana Buddhism, Japanese Reiki Tachniques,40 Breath Meditation for Energizing, Grounding Exercise & Healing the Earth, Brain Balancing, Astro Reiki, Laser Reiki, 70 Other Powerful Symbols and four Attunements of Reiki Grandmaster with Raku and Antahkarana symbols
Course Duration:- 2 Days

2.Karuna Reiki:-
Sangeeta Kapoor is a Registered Karuna Reiki Master(Registration no.),trained by Acharya Arunanand , Acharya Ji was trained by Mr.William Lee Rand, U. S. A., the originator of Karuna Reiki. Here, the healing is done through 8 powerful Karuna Reiki symbols It has two levels as mentioned below

i) Karuna Reiki Practitioner:-
course contents :-Knowledge and explanation of 2 Karuna Reiki Master symbols. Explanation of Attunement processes of Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Karuna Reiki Master courses. with one master attunement.
Course Duration :- 1 Day.

ii) Karuna Reiki Master:-
course contents :-Knowledge and explanation of 2 Karuna Reiki Master symbols. Explanation of Attunement processes of Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Karuna Reiki Master courses. with one master attunement.
Course Duration :- 1 Day.

3 Magnified Healing (Master Teacher course) :-
Here, the healing energy is magnified thousands of times by the grace of Mother Kwan Yin, a disciple of Gautam Buddha. Also, Mother Kwan Yin proclaims that she will take your soul to higher dimensions, at the time of death, if you are connected with Magnified Healing energy. Course Duration:-2 Days. Original manual and certificate from America will be provided. Since it is a Master Teacher course, one can take a class and teach after learning this course.

4. Lama–Fera :-
Lama-Fera healing technique is a highly effective Buddhist healing technique of Tibetan Lamas, specially used in eliminating spirits from human bodies and houses etc., though otherwise used for normal healing. It has two levels as mentioned below

i) Lama-Fera Master Healer course:-
course contents :-Knowledge and explanation of 6 powerful Lama- Fera healer symbols Healing others, distance healing removal of spirits from the body etc. Course Duration:-1 Day. with 1 one Lama-Fera Healer Attunement, + one LAMA-FERA KIT containing one gown, one burning stick, one Sketchu Mala and one set of earthing sticks.

ii) Lama-Fera MasterTeacher Course:-
course contents:-Knowledge and explanation of 6 powerful Lama-Fera Master Teacher symbols. Explanation and practice of 3 Lama-Fera attunements, (i.e. one attunement of Lama-Fera Healer, and two attunements of Lama- Fera Teacher).
Course Duration:- 1 Day.
With 2 Lama- Fera Teacher Attunements. All the symbols of Lama-Fera are also sealed on all the chakras along with various other parts of the body of the student, in the Lama-Fera Master Teacher attunement

5 Violet Flame Healing (Master Teacher Course):-
This healing technique was practiced in western countries for the last 70 years. It is the primordial energy which descended for the creation of the universe. Its colour is violet and its property is to convert Negative energy into Positive Energy instantly. As it represents Love, Forgiveness, Mercy and Freedom, it solves all your problems of life very effectively immediately. Course duration:-1 day. With Violet Flame Healing Attunement. Attunement process of Violet Flame will also be explained to the students.

6. Bach Flower Remedies:-
They are 38 Positive Energies of 38 native/wild flowers in liquid form, to be taken orally. It is a miraculous therapy for psychosomatic diseases, and their mental and physical manifestation thereof.
Course Duration:- 2 Days.

7. Miraculous Healing Through Mudras :-
Selective 24 Mudras are taught of day-today use.
Course Duration:- 1 Days.

8. Dowsing :-
Selective 24 Mudras It is a technique of tapping the cosmic information in “yes” or “no”. Dowser of all Types including Pendulum, L shape dowser, single rode dowser, Y wooden dowser, single wood tree stem dowser, body Mussels dowser etc.
Course Duration:-1 Days.

9. Bring Wealth & Prosperity :-
In this course, one learns how to create Positive Energy, and enjoy Vaastu benefits, WITHOUT DEMOLITION, through Vaastu, Feng-Shui, Violet Flame, Crystals, Pyramids, Human Vaastu and Mudras, in such house/office/shop/factory etc as is not built according to Vaastu principles, so that one enjoys Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Happiness and Spiritual Growth. What is more, the students are attuned with Violet Flame, at the end of the course.
Course Duration:- 2 Days.

10. Vaastu :-
This course is in four parts. First part is a complete and detailed study of Vaastu, described on scientific basis. Second part is Illustrated Vaastu, wherein whatever knowledge gained in First part, is again explained through 168 pictures for a better registration of Vaastu principles in the mind. Third part is knowledge on Pyramid and “Golden Ratio” and how to use it in constructing a house, for generating Positive Energy. Fourth part is a detailed knowledge on Dowsing which is used in finding out Negative and Positive Energies in a plot, house and any other place, apart from using it for many other purposes. Whatever taught in the class is contained in five manuals which are given to the students.
Course Duration:- 3 Days.

11. Vaastu Correction through Pyramid Yantras, Violet Flame and Conventional Methods :-
This course is in three parts which cover study on Pyramid Yantras, Violet Flame and Conventional Methods, and how to use them for correcting defective Vaastu without demolition. Students will also be attuned with Violet Flame energy. Whatever taught in the class is contained in three manuals given to the students.
Course Duration:- 2 Days.

12. Archangel therapy:-
Archangel Therapy is a spiritual healing method that involves working with a person’s personal guardian archangels, to heal and harmonize every aspect of his life. It also helps you to more clearly receive divine guidance from the Creator and the archangels. Everyone has personal guardian archangels, and these archangels perform God’s will of peace for us all. When we open ourselves to hear our guardian archangels messages, every aspect of our life becomes more peaceful.
Course Duration:- 2 Days.
Archangel & Cards Attunement will be given.

13. Tarot Card Reading (Osho Zen Tarot):-
If you want answer of your all questions and help others with divine guidance Tap comic solutions of the problem in detail with OSHO ZEN TAROT CARDS. It is to be informed that our centre is the one which started teaching tarot with Tarot card Attunement, for the first time. Course Content :-Introduction to Tarot cards, Major and minor archana, General guidance, Full description on all the cards, Color symbology of all cards, Different kinds of spreads / layout, Meditation. Channeling, healing on cards, How to Clean Cards Energy, Card Energization techniques, Guidance, counseling and much more.
Duration- 3-4 Full Days Approx
Attunement with deck will be given.

14. Ascension Reiki:-
If you want to ascend and make direct connection with Divine Supreme Power then you can go for ascension reiki, you can heal as well as grow your spirituality. Ascension Reiki has almost all kind of healing modalities power across the world like Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslims, Japanese, Christianity, israil, Hebrews, Kabbalah, Chinese knowledge etc. Ascension reiki has 10 levels for our 10 chakras including our above head chakras which connects us with god and it is recommended to give all level attunement together for great experience Eligibility of receiving ascension reiki is Grand Master of Reiki, One has to be attuned all levels of reiki to get attunement of ascension reiki. Course Content :- Introduction of Ascension Reiki, Tikkum Olam, how god created us, Seven Elements, four Directions & four modes of material nature, law of attraction, four noble truth, four great laws, wheel of dharma, ten fold nature of divine love, Father Reiki, Mother Reiki, ascension ten Ladders, nature of manifestation, quantum mechanics, subtle anatomy, Logo of A-U-M, 4 Reiki symbols, 18 Ascension Symbols, 10 Mantras with Hebrew alphabets, 22 hebrew letters, 10 seferos of Kabbalah etc Anatomy & Physiology of the Body like :- Endocrine system, brain & Nerve System, Skeletal system, skull, spine, Our Sense Systems, Circulatory system, Lymphatic system, 7 Chakras and their connection with 7 elohim, connection of Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral, Coccyx of our spine with Glands, 8fold path, zodiac signs, 4 symbols etc, Different type of yoga on each level, Thinking body pranas and auras, Healing with Kotudama Mantras, Cracking the code of Kabbalah -the time capsule / Tree of life, Name of gods, Meridian System healing (Acupressure & Acupuncture therapy) Connection of Hebrew letters, kabbalah & creation day of earth, 7 days of week etc, knowledge of complete breathing techniques, Elohim and seven Spirits of God, Seven of times The Twinship, Attunement of 10 Levels of Ascension Reiki. And much much more….. In teacher Level we teach attunement procedure of Present Attunement, distance Attunement & Group Attunement Eligibility : Master in Reiki
Duration : 3 Days for total 10 Levels
Attunement with deck will be given.

15. Protection & Psychic Self Defense Course (Basic & Advance) :-
Healer as well as non healers requires protections some time extreme strong protections for self, home, family, kids, work place or situations. So this is best for understanding different style of strong protections. This Course is a combination of Basic Protection teqniques + Colour Course Content:- In basic techniques you will learn more then 35 types of protections, Advance: Coulor Prana Knowledge and their uses in healing and protection, how to project colour pranas, detail knowledge of number of petals and healing colours in chakra system, elementals, Different type of psychic attacks, Karma theory, Aura protecting & strengthening techniques, how to heal relationships, Different subtle bodies, how to make & Program different shields using chakras power for (your self, family, friends & Objects) Psychic self Defence: how to diverse negativity techniques, protection with crystals, psychic vacuum cleaner and disintegrator, Magic Circle, how to deal with black magicians, healing and protection by command, how to improve and save your marriage Eligibility : 2nd Level Reiki Recommended
Durations : 2 days

16. Wagle Reiki :-
Mr. Rajeev Wagle introduced Wagle Reiki the set of 15 symbols which can be use with normal Reiki Practice. This is highly beneficial to achieve your goals regarding Love, Peace, Harmony, Health, Wealth, Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Protection, Cleansing, Blockages, Heal Depression & Improve Relationships etc & Attunement. Eligibility: 2 level of reiki
Duration: 1 Day

17. Scanning
Scanning course is very useful for all healers as well as non healers in day to day life and in their work. This is practical based class of many type of scanning to activate your scanning powers. Content: Scanning techniques of body in presence & Distance , Aura in presence & Distance, Chakras, Energies of Books, Mantras, Gods energies, Gem Stone and Crystals etc
Duration: 1 Day

18. Crystal Healing
Crystals are very powerful tool for healings. Crystals are found in earth and Crystals can be program for transmiting positive energies 24X7, Crystals can be use for different kind of Healings, Protections and for Spiritual Growth Content: Crystal originations, different crystals and their uses, how to enhance energies, how to get rid of excess of energies, spiritual growth with crystals, programming of crystals, how and which crystal to use in different kind of healings, different ways to clean crystals from negative energies and previous programming, different forms & types of crystals,
Course Duration: 1Day
With love & light,
for Healing Research Center